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Telenursing: Bend Staffing Costs and Reduce Nurse Attrition with Innovative Technology


The US is in the middle of its largest nurse staffing and burnout crisis in 20 years. According to the NSI 2023 National RN Staffing Report, the cost of nurse turnover has increased 13.5% for an average $52,350 per nurse. Moreover, hospitals can save or lose $380,600 annually for each percentage change in their nurse turnover.

Virtual nursing pilots have shown promising results in shifting bedside nurse burden to Telenursing, leading to increased retention and recruitment, reducing turnover rates as much as 70%* and improving patient satisfaction up to 20%.

Join our special guest panel of recognized nurse innovation leaders: Rebecca Love, Shawna Butler, and Sigi Marmorstein to learn how utilizing innovative technology can reduce nurse turnover and burnout, and curb the enormous costs related to staffing and attrition. 

We will explore:

  • Current drivers of the nurse staffing and burnout crisis
  • Human and system costs of the nurse staffing problem
  • Steps to take for successful Implementation of Telenursing at your hospital
  • What to look for in your technology solution

*Becker's reported in June 2023 that a Providence telenursing pilot at Covenant Medical Center in Texas reduced first-year RN turnover rates 73% and overall RN rates 55%




Rebecca Love, RN, MSN
TED Speaker, CCO Intelycare, Founder CNR


Shawna Butler, RN, MBA
Nurse Economist, Host of SEE YOU NOW podcast


Sigi Marmorstein, RN, MS, PHN, FNP
Nurse Innovator, CEO & Founder BabyLiveAdvice



Milton Chen, PhD,
CEO, VSee Telehealth

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About Our Speaker

Rebecca Love, RN, MSN, FIEL

TED speaker
Chief Clinical Officer, IntelyCare
Founder, Commission for Nurse Reimbursement

Rebecca is an experienced nurse executive and the first nurse featured on TED mainstage. Recognized for empowering nurses, she is the first Director of Nurse Innovation & Entrepreneurship at Northeastern University, founder of the Nurse Hackathon, and co-author of The Rebel Nurse Handbook. She has been featured by Forbes, Fortune, BBC, and ABC for her pioneering leadership. In 2022, Rebecca founded the Commission for Nurse Reimbursement to solve the US nursing crisis through new economic models. She currently serves as Chief Clinical Officer of IntelyCare and advises healthcare startups dedicated to transformative change.

About Our Speaker

Shawna Butler, RN, MBA

Nurse Economist,

Host of SEE YOU NOW podcast

Shawna is a nurse economist and the creator and host of the SEE YOU NOW podcast produced in partnership with Johnson & Johnson and the American Nurses Association. The podcast features nurse-driven solutions addressing the most challenging health care problems. Shawna is passionate about raising the visibility of nurses, empowering them as system-level change agents, and recognizing how they create and drive clinical and economic value. She initiated a global conversation highlighting the rarity of nurses in boardrooms, product design, innovation teams, policy development, tech conferences, and health media. In 2021, Butler was honored by Rock Health as a Top 50 in Digital Health.

About Our Speaker

Sigi Marmorstein, RN,MSN,PHN,FNP-BC 

Nurse Innovator,
CEO and Founder, BabyLiveAdvice

Sigi is a telehealth consultant and a Top 50 Health Technology CEO with over 20 years experience. She has held clinical, operational, and executive roles with providers like Kaiser Permanente, DaVita, and Adventist Health and has led over 60 successful telehealth implementations. As a serial entrepreneur, her latest company BabyLiveAdvice is a J&J Innovate winner and leverages virtual care to improve black maternal health outcomes. Sigi is a recognized industry speaker and nursing advisor, blending her passion for healthcare equity and broad experiences to provide valuable telehealth insights.

About our Host

Milton Chen, PhD

CEO and Cofounder, VSee

Dr. Milton Chen is the CEO and cofounder of VSee, the telehealth company born in the visionary Stanford University Human Computer Interaction (HCI) Lab, where Dr. Chen completed his PhD on the psychology and social factors of video communication, co-authored the XMPP video standard, and coded the prototype VSee system. Since its founding, he has had the honor of deploying VSee for celebrities and world leaders such as Hillary Clinton, Angelina Jolie, Ban Ki-moon, and former President Obama’s Inauguration. Today, VSee serves 1000+ organizations worldwide, including McKesson, GE Health, Optum, DaVita, and NASA Space Station.