Getting Started With Telemedicine #3 – Reimbursement | Webinar Series

How Do I Get Paid for Telemedicine?

Anjali and Mary Jean will present on the changing landscape of telemedicine reimbursement what it was in the past, where it is now during the National Emergency, and probable future outcomes based on her experience and insight. Additionally, she will provide practical guidance on coding to avoid fraud and abuse issues to avoid post-pandemic audits and investigations

Learning Objectives:

  • Allowable Telemedicine Reimbursement Past, Present, Future
  • Telemedicine Reimbursement Codes and How to Example
  • Considerations for Practicing Across State Lines and Documentation
  • Avoiding investigations: Fraud & Abuse

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Our Presenter


Anjali Dooley
Anjali is a known for her healthcare expertise in many areas, but her passion is telemedicine and physician issues. She works tirelessly to assist independent physician and surgical practices across the nation succeed financially and adopt technology solutions to enhance their workflow and revenue.


Mary Jean Sage
Mary Jean Sage of The Sage Associates. Her lecture engagements have included the AMA, CMA, many local medical associations and Medical Group Management Associations. She is recognized for her expertise in coding, billing, healthcare compliance and Medicare audit response.