Deep Dive Into Telehealth Adoption: Covid-19 and Beyond

Implications of Covid-19 Telehealth on The Future of Healthcare

How has telehealth adoption changed following the pandemic and what are the implications for the future of telehealth? Join market research expert and owner of Way to Goal, Doreen Amatelli-Clark to talk about her latest findings from her COVID-19 study, covering surveys and in-depth interviews with doctors and healthcare practitioners from around the world. Doreen will discuss:

  • Physician telehealth adoption before and during the early pandemic
  • How providers are using telehealth today 
  • Physicians' predictions for the impact of telehealth in the coming years
  • Considerations and implications for 
    • Medicare, insurance coverage and legal policies
    • Bio-tech, home exams, and remote patient monitoring


Our Presenter


Doreen Amatelli-Clark has over 25 years of market research experience on both the corporate and agency sides of the business. She has worked with major corporations such as AT&T and Merck & Co. where she led market research initiatives with their global marketing teams as well as consulting firms in marketing research, marketing, and finance. She started her own market research consulting firm in 2004 and has since worked with a multitude of Fortune 100 Healthcare companies. Completing over 1,000+ interviews and 400+ projects, Doreen is an expert researcher, moderator and marketing consultant.

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